Mathilda’s Cocktail Bar & Kitchen has opened its doors to guests in Kadıköy, the heart of Istanbul, in February 2019.

Mathilda with its unique style has been aiming to make guests reinterpret all of their choices, from the cocktails they drink to the food they taste by creating a difference in the wide spectrum of the food and beverage industry.

Mathilda believes that the cocktail world is a treasure waiting to be discovered, and has been enjoying guiding its guests in this mystical discovery.

As Being aware that “the sky is the limit in this journey”, it continues to offer unique experiences to its guests for four years.

Vedat Akar

Vedat Akar

Co-founder of Mathilda’s Cocktail Bar & Kitchen and award-winning bartender Vedat Akar worked as a bar coordinator at KAI within Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, after working in Frankie Istanbul for a long time.

Vedat Akar has opened Mathilda’s Cocktail Bar & Kitchen with the dream of establishing a new place where he can reflect on his experiences and achievements in his professional life. As he gives importance to an innovative stance and following the developing trends, Akar continues his works here by combining his passion for mixology with the goal of adding value to the sector.


Second Place in 2018 World Class
Third Place in the organization of the same competition held in 2019
First Place in the Blind Tasting and Speed Challenge Stages within World Class
First Place in the Homemade Tonic Competition

Murat Güney

Vedat Akar

Co-founder of Mathilda’s Cocktail Bar & Kitchen Murat Güney worked as an operation manager and bar coordinator for many years at Maçakızı, Frankie İstanbul, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Murat Güney, who was an operations manager within the Emirgan Group in 2019, has opened his own place with the aim of adding value to the sector by collating his gained experiences over the years in the gastronomy sector with his unique style.



Serving cocktails using seasonal and fresh products to provide guests with a seasonal experience that their palates are familiar with.

As reducing carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable world are among our most important values, we prefer to use recycled and local products.

What Do We Dream?

We want to create a time period where music and delicious cocktails are at the forefront by adding our shared passion in mixology & gastronomy and our own experiences to the original, authentic, connective culture, and steady quality of Soho House.

Our biggest dream is to provide a unique experience to the members and guests of Soho House in the magnificent ambiance of Soho House with world-class trendy cocktails and presentations.


As Mathilda, we embarked on this adventure with the motto of good cocktails. Our original cocktails are accompanied by original music in a wide range of content, from lounge to house, carefully prepared by our local DJs.

The nostalgia journey with pop, funk, and disco songs that left their mark on the 70s and 2000s on weekdays leaves its place to house and electronic auditions with the energy of the weekends.

Ari Kürkyapıcı Our Music Consultant Ari Kürkyapıcı


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